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Happy Birthday, America

July 2, 2015
4th of July

Hello, denim friends!

I’m going to make a slight departure from our normal denim-focused posts today and reflect on something much bigger and half as blue, our good ol’ country the United States of America. It’s been a big week for us Americans. The Pacific Northwest is going on our second straight week of 80+ degree weather (thank you sun Gods), the Supreme Court ruled that love truly does conquer all (thank you SCOTUS), and the USA Women’s national team advanced to the World Cup final (thank you Carli Lloyd). Oh, and this Saturday is our great nation’s birthday. I told you, big week.

I’ve always been a patriot. I was born and raised in small town USA. I grew up without the shackles of a society that believes women are less than. I had the freedom to question, explore, fail, and fly. And I mean really fly… I used to jump off my parents roof with a trash bag “parachute” over my head. Sorry about that, mom. I had the freedom to go to school and all the opportunities that an education affords. I could run fast, fall hard, but fight harder. I had these freedoms because of the country I was born into and it’s a privilege I will always be thankful for.

I’ve digressed, denim lovers, talking about freedom can do that to a gal! So while I’ll be back next week to bring you all the latest in skinny jeans and trouser legs, for now I want to encourage all of you to throw on your star spangled best this 4th of July and take a moment to realize how truly blessed we all are to live in this great country. Can I suggest these stars and stripes denim cut-offs?

4th of July

Happy 4th of July all, go team USA!


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