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DIY the hottest new denim trend

June 22, 2017
featured image denim stock mullet hem

Want to DIY the uneven step (aka mullet) hem you’re seeing everywhere this season? We got you.

Our head Jeanius, Cari, will walk you through a quick DIY tutorial on how to create your own uneven step hem jeans.

All you need is a pair of jeans (boyfriend or straight styles work best, but skinny works, too), sewing scissors, 4 pins or clamps, and a ruler or measuring tape.

blog post diy mullet hem


1. Set the length. Measure your desired length for the longer (back) inseam. We like it to hit at the ankle.

diy mullet hem

2. Pin. Mark the inseam length with pins or clamps, one on each side. (Pro tip: Fold to create a crease to guide your scissors.)

diy mullet hem

3. Cut longer hem. Chop at the pins for a nice raw hem—cut slowly and smoothly to prevent jagged edges!

diy mullet hem

diy mullet hem

4. Mullet time! Measure up the inseam and outseam for your desired mullet length and pin at the measured points. Two inches up is a nice rule of thumb—for a more subtle look, go with an inch and a half or shorter, or go for more drama with a three-inch cut.

diy mullet hem

5. Cut outseam. Use your fingers to keep hem intact and to the side while (slowly) cutting straight up the outseam from hem to pin. And don’t worry about cutting the seams.

diy mullet hem

6. Fold. Fold up the front flap, creating a crease to guide your cut.

diy mullet hem

7. Cut shorter (front) hem. Cut straight across the front hem on the folded line you’ve just created.

diy mullet hem

8. Distress. For a frayed look, pull the freshly cut hems with your fingers to tease out the strings. To create even more of a distressed look, try using sandpaper along the edges.

diy mullet hem



diy mullet hem

Check out our DIY video tutorial for a closer look.

Not brave enough to DIY? Get the look in our favorite mullet style from AG: The Phoebe in 15 Years Anchorage.


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