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3 Reasons Why I Created Fitcode

June 9, 2015

Hello denim lover!

Welcome to the Fitcode blog, Off the Cuff! I’m Rian, a founder here at Fitcode and the lucky lady who gets to introduce you to our company. If this is your first time here, you may be wondering who we are and why we do what we do, so here’s the 411. As a model and lover of all things fashion, I shop… a lot. While I’d love to spend my days strolling through stores while drinking iced coffee, realistically I’m traveling to and from jobs, walking my giant dog, or checking in over at team Fitcode. So, I end up doing most of my shopping online. Oh holy frustration! What should be an easy, pain-free process oftentimes becomes a whirlwind of wrong sizes, crumpled receipts, and return postage. I knew there had to be a better way and now there is … Fitcode! These are the 3 main reasons I created Fitcode and why I can’t wait to share it with you all.

  1. Unrealistic images. Clips, pins, Photoshop… oh my! After years of modeling, I know two things for certain. One, the left side of my face is prettier than the right. And two, very little is realistic about images online or in print (which my right side is thankful for). Jeans are clipped and pinned down the back to perfectly fit my leg, inches of fabric are added to lengthen pants, and don’t even get me going on Photoshop! What you need to know is this: A ton of effort goes into making a photo beautiful. What you see is very rarely what you get. At Fitcode, it’s important to us to show unedited and unaltered images and videos of real women in real jeans. There are no smoke and mirrors here.
  2. Same size, different shapes. Not all size 27’s are the same. After years in the fashion industry, I’ve learned two girls can be the same size but have very different shapes. I’ll use Bri (my co-founder) and myself as an example. I wear a size 27 and have a curvy figure. Bri wears a size 27 but has a straight figure. A killer pair of jeans on her could give me a muffin top for days, while a perfect pair of jeans for me may look like “mom jeans” on her. It may sound like a riddle but it’s nothing more than an acceptance of our unique shapes. Size is just a number and Fitcode looks beyond that number to pair women with jeans that flatter their unique figure.
  3. Lack of standardized sizing. I can wear a 27 in one brand, a 29 in the next, and maybe even a 26 in a third (maybe I’m pushing it with the 26 but you get the idea). Denim sizing isn’t standardized and it’s a huge pain in the bum for us all. Fitcode hand-measures all of our jeans and standardizes them in our fit details page so you can see inseam, waist, hip, and even rise measurements for the brands we offer. Oh, and did I mention we can also suggest the correct size for you in each jean? Yup, its true.

Check out Fitcode for yourself, take our fit quiz, and go find some jeans that fit your beautiful figure. We’d love to know what you think after you try your first pair of Fitcode jeans, so share pics with us by using the #myfitcode hashtag.

Happy Shopping!          


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