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Aug. 29, 2017
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At Fitcode, we are all about real women, with real bodies. We truly believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin without sacrificing style. And we love featuring real women looking and feeling amazing.

Meet the ladies featured in our our newest campaign: Keita, Juli, Michelle, Sarah, and Sahily.

group chambray

Julieta (far left), a graphic designer with the work philosophy of “work smarter not harder” describes her personal style as modern and classic. While Fitcode has made jean shopping bearable, she loves jeans because you can dress them both up or down. Social double standard she’d like to see done away with? Single older man: Bachelor. Single older woman: Spinster. You can find Juli on Instagram @julieta___torres.

sarah group grey

Sarah (center), an artist and metalsmith, loves jeans because she always feels good in them. With a personal style that is both comfortable and classic, Fitcode has helped her to find jeans that finally fit her! She believes in doing what you love and doing it well because life’s too short not to. Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahjonesjewelry.

keita group chambray

Keita (far left), the Founder and Chief Strategist of Success Bully, is a professional butt-kicker with a personal style that ranges from “Corporate Badass to #Boss Chic”. Check out our Q&A with Keita (plus, hear her podcast interview with our CEO, Rian Buckley!), and make sure to follow on Instagram @successbully.

michelle group chambray goofy

Michelle (second from the right), a sports marketer for ABC Creators, defines her style as “sporty chic” and loves jeans because they can be worn all year and in many different ways. For this Seattle native, Fitcode is the only way to get jeans. Find Michelle on Instagram @mdelancy.

sahily group chambray goofy

Sahily (center), a Seattle fashion and plus size style blogger, loves the colorful things in life. While shopping for jeans used to be a difficult experience for her, Fitcode came in and changed the way she shops for jeans into a more pleasant experience. Follow her on Instagram @prettyinpigment.

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Success Bully is head over heels for JAG

Aug. 24, 2017
keita success bully jag jeans blue background

It takes a true professional to agree to a photo shoot before 8am on a Saturday. And it takes a next-level lady boss to bring her A-game that early in the day.

Keita—a self-described professional butt-kicker and podcaster—did just that. We had a blast photographing this lady, and we love how she styled her perfect-fitting Maddie Skinny Cuff by JAG Jeans.

Keep reading to get to know Keita (@successbully), plus catch the new release of her podcast interview with our co-founder and CEO, Rian Buckley.

Listen to Rian and Keita's conversation (in two parts): All I Want Is the Power and Grind When No One Is Looking.

keita success bully jag jeans maddie ankle blue background

Meet Keita

Keita is the Founder & Chief Strategist of Success Bully—an elite accountability practice for women with a champion’s mindset who need strategic support (a professional butt-kicking) to create momentum in their personal and professional lives.

Simply put, she’s a professional butt-kicker and podcaster.

Her Success Bully Podcast features tips and intimate interviews with female founders and leaders, including Fitcode’s very own Rian Buckley.

keita success bully jag jeans black lace bodysuit

Fitcode: 715

Fitcode in five words or less: Find Jeans That Fit

Impressions of Fitcode: It was seamless and easy! My least favorite shopping activity is the quest for jeans. As a tall plus-size lady with a #billiondollarbooty finding jeans that fit my curves and inseam is outright painful. I loved that with a few quick clicks I had a world of options.

How will Fitcode change how you shop for jeans? I will buy more jeans. Previous to my Fitcode experience I leaned heavily into stretchy slacks and A-line dresses, I feel like this opens up a new option for my personal style.

keita success bully jag jeans blue background maddie ankle

Favorite denim brands: I have fallen head over heels in love with JAG Jeans.

Personal style description: It ranges from Corporate Badass to #Boss Chic.

Style inspiration: Leather Moto Jacket: It’s classic and edgy—what I aspire to be.

Style tip: I spent years trying to hide my butt, [but] I have fallen in love with every part of myself. My #billiondollarbooty is now my second favorite body part (second to my ankles). I look for things that flatter my curves rather than hide them.

i've fallen head over heels in love with jag jeans

Professional ambitions: World domination. I will scale Success Bully into a global practice with a championship level client roster. My workshops and speaking engagements will extend beyond the greater Seattle area to a national platform. I will be the host of highly syndicated content (podcast and video) … and eventually a talk show. I say all of these things in the affirmative—as though they already exist. If I don’t believe it, no one else will.   

Professional role models: My three angels—Adriane Brown, Roz Kelly, and Megan McNally

Work/office style: Corporate Badass

Work philosophy: Don’t make any excuses for yourself—get it done!

Professional accomplishment you’re most proud of: Success Bully

keita success bully jag jeans white sweater

My friends say I’m joyful and contagious.

Bucket list: Meet Oprah. Go on a spiritual quest.

Favorite quote: “The day you stop learning is the day you die” – My Grandma Eleanor

Beauty/societal double standard you’d like to see done away with: Qualifiers: “You’re pretty for a fat girl.”  

keita success bully jag jeans greenlake bar

keita success bully jag jeans blue background grey wall

Listen to the Success Bully Podcast. Check out Keita’s interview with our CEO and co-founder, Rian Buckley.

Get social. You can find Keita all across the interwebs @successbully. Follow, engage, hire, etc.

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keita success bully jag jeans stairway

Lace and Pearls in Kut from the Kloth

Aug. 17, 2017
lace and pearls in kut from the kloth jeans detail view

We first met Asa (@laceandpearlsblog) earlier this year at our denim fit lab. Ever since, we’ve admired her smile and sense of style.

We were thrilled to help this lovely lady find her perfect fit with Kut from the Kloth. Our Jeanius team styled Asa in the Catherine Boyfriend in Tantalizing—she loved the distressed dark denim and the length was perfect for her height.

Keep reading for outfit inspiration and learn more about what make Asa tick.

lace and pearls in kut from the kloth jeans arched doorway

Meet Asa

Fitcode: 350

Fitcode in five words or less: Exactly what I’ve always needed!

Impressions of Fitcode: Fitcode takes the guess work out of jean shopping. When you use your code, you know you’re going to get the right fit each and every time. Your biggest dilemma is trying not to choose too many, which is not necessarily a bad thing ;)

Visit Asa's blog to hear about her Fitcode experience in her own words. 

I'm most inspired by real women

Personal style: Girly and classic

Style inspiration: I love anything that consists of ruffles, lace, silk, or cashmere. I am most inspired by real women. My favorite fashion blogger is Krystin Lee of Suburban Faux-Pas.

I love jeans because I feel most like myself when I wear them. Plus, they are super easy to dress up or down.

lace and pearls in kut from the kloth jeans white background

Work philosophy: Always be open and honest in everything you do. Be a team player, keep your emotions intact, and stick to the facts when facing conflict. Put your best foot forward and go over and beyond what is expected of you.

Professional accomplishment you’re most proud of: I am most grateful for having the courage to switch industries to finally have a career path rather than stay somewhere comfortable that lacked growth. I worked in fashion for almost 10 years and then made the switch to healthcare. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

lace and pearls in kut from the kloth jeans detail view legs

Hobbies: Singing and making jewelry

Favorite indulgence: Cookies, popcorn, pizza, and reality TV

Beauty/societal double standard you’d like to see done away with: I hope to see women of all shapes, sizes, and color represented in film, tv, and magazines. Being unique is what makes women beautiful!

lace and pearls in kut from the kloth jeans fire truck

Hear it from Asa. Visit to hear more about Asa's Fitcode experience, in her own words. 

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