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Fitcode for HIM

Nov. 9, 2017
men in denim

What about men’s? It’s the number one question we get (including from the men on team Fitcode!).

When we first launched with Fitcode, our mission was simple: Get women in jeans that fit. We wanted to perfect our women’s offering before expanding into men’s.

And finally, it’s time. Fit doesn’t just matter to women—it matters to everyone.

So, let’s hear it for the boys.

We’re thrilled to announce that Fitcode for HIM is coming soon! This December to be exact. Our new mission: Get everyone into jeans that fit.

More details coming soon, including timing and brands, but for now, feel free to share the good news with the denim-loving men in your life. Stay tuned!

Questions? Comments? Heck-yes-it’s-about-time-jubilations? Contact

Silver style, featuring Not Monday

Nov. 8, 2017
silver jeans rear view with grey sweater

Get lost in our latest photo shoot, featuring denim from Silver Jeans Co. and effortless basics from Not Monday Mercantile.

grey sweater black tshirt silver jeans co denim

Find your perfect fit. Visit to take our fit quiz, and quickly and easily find styles that work best for your body type!

cuffed silver jeans red boots

train tracks grey sweater silver jeans red boots

train tracks grey sweater black tee silver jeans

Monica is wearing the Robson Legging by Silver Jeans.

Not Monday Mercantile

We’ve recently fallen in love with the coziest sweaters and tees around. Not Monday’s collection perfectly blends chic, luxury fabrics with effortless, classic pieces. We’ll be living in these sweaters all winter long, and the super-soft tees seamlessly transition from loungewear to office and back again. *swoon*

silver jeans with grey sweater

umbrella silver jeans grey sweater

Monica is wearing the Kenni by Silver Jeans.

embroidered silver jeans navy sweater tea

coffee shop embroidered silver jeans navy blue sweater

Monica is wearing the Izzy Ankle Skinny by Silver Jeans.

The Riveter

Nov. 1, 2017
Riveter team sitting on couch by Invite Ambition mural

Allow us to introduce you to the Riveter, via its talented and hard-working team.

The Riveter

Imagine a magical, female-friendly universe where you can focus on work and wellness, while networking with an amazing community of lady bosses. That’s the Riveter.

And like all magical places, the Riveter wouldn’t be what it is without a kick-ass team of lady bosses calling the shots.

We loved helping these ladies find their perfect fit while luxuriating in their gorgeous workspace.

Woman in Levi's standing on library ladder

Alexandra in AG

Alex is the Riveter’s Director of Community and Operations. We paired her with one of our favorite styles: the Phoebe in 15 Years Anchorage by AG.  

  • Fitcode: 710
  • Fitcode impressions: Fitcode addresses the painstaking, exhaustive effort of trying on jeans and makes it an approachable and—dare I say—totally enjoyable experience!
  • Work/office style: Modern business casual - something professional, yet playful. I like to be able to go from work to a night out, if need be, so my current go-tos are a linen romper or jeans and a blouse.
  • My friends say I’m ... good at maintaining friendships. And that I also have a special knack for finding myself in humorous dating scenarios, which they usually get a lot of entertainment out of.
  • Role model: Hands down, gotta be my mama.

Woman in AG Jeans and black top, sitting on steps

“These are officially my new favorite jeans!”

Woman in AG Jeans and black shirt, leaning on table

Nadya in Levi’s

For Nadya, the Riveter’s Director of Event Strategy and Social Media, we went for a classic 721 high-rise skinny by Levi’s.

  • Fitcode: 500
  • How will Fitcode change how you shop for jeans? I might actually shop for jeans
  • Hobbies: Anything that lets me nap in the sun—camping, hiking, lake time, hammock time
  • Professional accomplishment you’re most proud of: The opportunity to work for an amazing startup that supports women in all they do.  

Details shot of woman in Levi's high rise jeans and white blouse

Emily in JOE’S

As the Wellness Coordinator and Yoga Instructor at the Riveter, we chose an ultra stretchy style pair of JOE’S Vixen Ankle (similar).

  • Fitcode: 710
  • Style tip: As long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
  • Professional ambitions: Instilling a non-negotiable culture of wellness for The Riveter’s members and employees
  • Favorite indulgence: Tacos and Tequila
  • Favorite quotes: “Let the beauty that you love, be what you do. ~Rumi

Woman seated wearing JOE'S Jeans and orange sweater

Woman standing in JOE'S Jeans and orange top

Find your perfect fit

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Find your Fitcode

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